Wonders of Numerology

Numerology is the science of numbers and their influence on human life. Of all of the occult sciences numerology is one of the most interesting and precise. Numerology can be used to read people characteristics and to understand opportunities and influences present in people’s life at any given time. The purpose of numerology is not to foretell the future, but to provide you with keys to explore and discover your own potentials and destiny. A basic principle of Numerology is that all things in nature evolve in cycles that are measurable and predictable. Name correction is one of the key of numerology through which one can create wonders. As our date of birth cannot be changed; the name alteration can give you immensely positive results. Success is hidden in your name which can give you inconceivable and marvelous results.

Astrology and numerology both are two very popular types of occult sciences. Both astrology and numerology are interrelated. Astrology is based on planets, and numerology is all about numbers and names which are also indirectly related with these same planets. Both compliment each other, with all being uniformly true and accurate. In astrology there are 9 planets and all the predictions are based on it.

Similarly in numerology also there are 9 numbers from 1 to 9; and each number is associated with a particular planet, and accordingly predictions are made. In astrology first alphabet of your name is suggested by the Nakshatra, where as in numerology the total of your name should match with your date of birth, to give harmonious and beneficial results.

If your name number does not match with your date of birth, it creates delays and hurdles in your life. So the matching of name number and date of birth is most important and absolutely necessary in order to get the desired results

How Numerology work and its benefits

The moment a person is born he is associated with a particular number, and this number start influencing one’s life. The particular person is also identified by a name which is also associated with a number. Numbers are most powerful and all the events in our life are intensely influenced by these magic numbers. With the help of Numerology, one can know which number is harmonious and which is not, in relation to one’s date of birth. As we all are aware that our date of birth cannot be changed, so the best and effective solution we have is to change our name number and derive all the benefits of numerology. Numerology can guide people to shape their outlook and change their bad luck into good.

All numbers are good and bad in numerology. No number is better as compared to any other. All numbers work differently with different people, with its own innate pattern, because of the influence of a planet which is associated with this particular number, this number is influenced by their own unique qualities. There are countless benefits of numerology as it will help you to know your strengths and weakness and how to overcome your weakness and hurdles present in your life. It also helps to you to determine the best time to move forward and take your decisions in your life, be it getting married or to change a job, undertake traveling or whether to start a new business or not. It helps immensely in your relationships issues also as to how to know a person, improving your current relationships and avoid clashes in your own family.

The questions whether your compatibility is good enough with your spouse/girlfriend or prospective spouse, friends and relatives. In Business what kind of business one should opt, choosing a right business partner, identifies honest and dedicated and hardworking people in your office, improving your business dealings and achieve overall success. It helps in other areas of your life you can think of for example in health matters how to overcome your health problems, how to attain good health, what things one must do to avoid bad health.

To conclude the effectiveness and accuracy of Numerology has amazing and life altering positive results and to determine how to best and effectively accomplish your destiny.